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Maend Fractional CMO

What is a fractional CMO?

  • Perspective & experience of a regular Chief Marketing Officer, but more affordable → great for smaller, younger companies

  • External contractor offering services for a fixed cost, not a part-time employee → no employment bureaucracy

  • Spends enough time to learn to know you and your business to feel like a team member nonetheless!

What you get with a Maend Fractional CMO

  • Understanding business goals and translating them into an actionable Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing perspective for creating your business strategy

  • Gain back your time and focus on your strengths by outsourcing daily Marketing leadership:

    • Setting and monitoring Marketing KPIs

    • Building and managing the Marketing team, both internal and outsourced talent

  • Get a holistic marketing package by combining this with the broader Maend agency offering!

Maend Fractional CMO as an interface for tech startup leaders

Maend Fractional CMO Packages

Discovery Package
Strategy Package
Content Marketing Package


Understand where marketing can have the highest business impact and set up the basic tools and processes.


Strengthen the company with strategic marketing, either during transition or permanently.


Long-term partnership for marketing strategy and content marketing operations.


  • Diagnose needs and create Marketing Strategy to help reach business goals

  • Select tools and build processes

  • Implement first experiments


  • Marketing leadership

    • Marketing Strategy and Content Plans

    • Manage internal and external marketers

  • Growth support

    • Go-To-Market support (e.g. Value Proposition, Promotion Strategy)

    • Build a marketing team (in-house / outsourced)


  • Annual Marketing Strategy and bi-annual or quarterly Content Plans

  • Manage & recruit internal and external marketers

  • Set and monitor KPIs

  • Content marketing implementation, e.g.

    • Social media management

    • Blogging & news texts

    • Website copy updates

    • Photography

Recommended duration

2-3 months

Recommended duration

> 6 months

Recommended duration

> 12 months


CHF 10,000


from CHF 4,000 / month


from CHF 8,000 / month

*Excluding paid tools, external freelancers, VAT

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