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Maend joins global space communications network

Maend has become an Affiliate Member of the global Space Communications Alliance (SCA). As the first Swiss partner in the alliance, we are especially focused on supporting smaller Swiss companies in the space sector. Providing them with access to a global network of PR and marketing professionals certainly won’t hurt the mission!

Slace Communications Alliance (SCA) logo

Space is about NASA, ESA, and massive intergovernmental projects with astronomical spendings. But it’s increasingly also about private companies (not just Space-X!) spinning off from universities and startup incubators and brandishing new business ideas. This diversification of space is often called Space 4.0, and the private space sector is often dubbed New Space.

This shift in the space sector is why we at Maend fell in love with the industry early on. There are a lot of new actors and a ton of new ideas but not that many experts to advise those actors and share those new ideas. Young space companies are figuring out how to get financed, how to address their market, how to get their message across. The way giant space agencies or large government contractors do it isn’t how everyone else should do it; Space 4.0 is not a one-size-fits-all.

The SCA’s mission is to connect space innovators with customers and partners through integrated public relations, content marketing and social media campaigns that give tangible results. Lukasz Wilczynski, President of SCA, says: “Not only is the market itself set to grow at above GDP growth rates but it is a strategic domain for national defense and security, climate change and connectivity.”

Young space companies: go forth and make a difference. We’ll help you get noticed and understood.



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