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Customer Story: Navignostics values and website

Updated: 4 days ago

Maend helped Navignostics transition from an excited startup to a professional organization with a human face. Still young and agile, Navignostics now has a set of company values and a brand-new website to reach cancer clinicians and research partners.

Company: Navignostics AG, a University of Zurich spin-off that analyzes tumor samples and determines the best way to target each cancerous growth.

Services: Defining company values + creating a new company website


  • Workshop with the entire team

  • Writing value statements

  • Defining the target audiences

  • Website concept, copy & photography

  • Managing the website project & stakeholders

“A founder can’t do everything in house. Every young company reaches a point where they want to look a little more professional than an excited startup”, explains Navignostics CEO Jana Fischer.

The first collaboration between Maend and Navignostics was perhaps surprising: Angina and Ave organized and moderated an afternoon workshop with the entire Navignostics team to discuss and define the company’s values. “I'm glad we dared to do a value workshop”, Jana says. “At the time the idea felt touchy-feely to me as a scientist, but it was worth it. Not only the scientific part matters, right? The company culture is also really important, and it’s good to develop it actively in the right direction.”

CEO Jana Fischer and CSO Stéphane Chevrier at the value workshop
CEO Jana Fischer and CSO Stéphane Chevrier at the value workshop

Using these newly defined values as well as interviews with Jana and COO Andrea Jacobs, we defined the relevant target audiences and key messages and crafted a website concept. A Maend design partner, Rachael Camp, created the visual look and built the final website. Angina managed the project and wrote all the website copy, while Ave shot a catalog of high-quality stock images that are 100% personalized and authentic. Photographing real people working in a real environment served to show that the Navignostics solution is not just a bright idea but already in use. Portraying real employees instead of anonymous models is also in line with the collaborative company culture.

“We really liked working with you. You worked in a very structured manner; I always had the impression that you had everything under control and we were moving forward,” Jana praises.

“It was a great interaction between our scientific inputs and your expertise on what works on a website, who the right audiences are, and what tone to use with them,” Jana describes. The website project was a demonstration of one of the Navignostics values, “Trust in quality”: Navignostics experts made sure scientific facts weren’t brushed over, while Angina pushed back to keep the website copy punchy. The photos needed to show human emotion, while lab work needed to meet the standards – keep that hair tied up!

Navignostics homepage
Navignostics homepage

Navignostics values
Navignostics values


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