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Customer Story: Scanvio Medical kick-off

Updated: 4 days ago

During a three-month sprint, Angina helped the medtech startup set up their basic marketing elements and hit the ground running. She joined the team at an exceptionally early stage: the company wasn’t incorporated and didn’t even have a name. At the end, the newly minted Scanvio Medical had won the Future of Health Grant and Venture Kick.

Company: Scanvio Medical AG, ETH AI Center spin-off that develops AI-guided software for ultrasound imaging, making endometriosis diagnosis dramatically faster and easier.

Service: Maend Fractional CMO Discovery Package


  • Crystallizing the company purpose & mission

  • Defining target audiences and key messages

  • Simple marketing strategy

  • Website concept and copy

  • Coordinating the creation of

    • Logo and other brand elements

    • Pitch deck

    • Website

The collaboration was a balance between tangible deliverables (brand elements, pitch deck, website) and foundational conversations (purpose, target market, positioning). This was a good mix, says Scanvio CEO Stefan Tuchschmid, because you need to build the foundation before creating marketing materials. The pitch deck and website deadlines meant the team had to commit to the deeper discussions and not get lost in the daily grind.

The end result is what everyone counts on, but the process to get there matters, too. Stefan and CTO Fabian Laumer appreciated Angina’s structured approach to meeting preparation, file sharing, and review processes. Startup life can be very chaotic, so having someone who can keep the important things in order is a great relief.

CEO Stefan Tuchschmid and CTO Fabian Laumer celebrating the incorporation of Scanvio Medical AG
CEO Stefan Tuchschmid and CTO Fabian Laumer celebrating the incorporation of Scanvio Medical AG
Screenshot of the Scanvio website
Scanvio website

Slide from the Scanvio pitch deck
Slide from the Scanvio pitch deck



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