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Blueprint for your startup’s marketing

Scientific and deep-tech startups need to focus on product development, but you also need to think about building your marketing. That doesn’t mean (just) creating websites, pitch decks, and other collaterals; it means nailing down positioning and messaging and getting your co-founders and employees on board. We help you do that earlier and in a more affordable way.

Benefits of working with us
  • Affordable marketing expertise when you need it; no cost when you don’t

  • Less bureaucracy than with an in-house marketer

  • Choose strategy, implementation, or both – and change the mix at will

Recent happy customers

What you need

How we do it

Ongoing marketing support

If you need consistent support to run and implement your marketing, we can offer you a fractional CMO and a fully customizable implementation package with a monthly retainer. For the cost of one marketer, you get access to a senior marketing leader and multiple specialists. We also offer a three-month discovery package for startups to set up their marketing basics.

Price example: Fractional CMO from CHF 4,000 / month

Read more about Maend Fractional CMO and content packages

Go-To-Market support

If you’re preparing for a product launch, you’ll need a good Go-To-Market Strategy. While we won’t promise to take on the entire burden (your core expertise is needed here!), Maend is a partner that can help you through the entire campaign.

Price example: Positioning workshop and value statements from CHF 2,500

Read more about GTM Strategy and how Maend can help you

Ad hoc services

If you don’t want to commit to a monthly retainer or a campaign, we can help you

  1. have the right conversations by organizing workshops with our team,

  2. prioritize the right things by helping you put together a simple and actionable marketing strategy, or

  3. implement well by creating amazing content for you.

Price example: Customer interview video from CHF 7,000

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